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START 79 / 79 November 05, 2006


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The Author Welcome to BONES Comics!

The 20th anniversary of this comic series came and went in January 2007. It all started with some very simple jokes drawn while in gradeschool. Mostly active for the first 4 years, the series initially existed on 3x5" notecards drawn before January 1991 (roughly one card per day existed at that point, the vast majority of which are beneath my web publishing standards). Besides a few false starts, the series would lay mostly dormant until its web revival early in 2002.

I hope you'll enjoy the archive, as short as it is (you can read through in about 15 minutes), starting at the beginning.

Disclaimer- Any similarity between the "classic" issues and any other comics that may have existed at the time may very well be accidental, as I drew ideas back then from a variety of sources, the most significant being friends who may very well have seen it somewhere rather than having come up with something unique. I have no recollection of where individual ideas may have come from.
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