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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Why skeletons and death?

I've also explained this to some degree on my "about-me" section elsewhere on this site, but here's the gist...

It all started out with my interests in Dungeons & Dragons, and Halloween and Haunted Houses.

Skeletons and undead were always my favorite nasty evil creatures in roleplaying games, along with many of the more paranormal and supernatural and magical creatures, such as Dragons, Elementals, and Demons. The less human the better. But the thing that's particularly interesting about the undead from a gaming and storytelling point of view is just how close to home it is. We're all mortal. And as dark and frightening as these creatures may be, there's still a human connection. I realize I just contradicted myself in a way, but I've also always been fond of paradoxes. :)

But more to the point of these comics- Death is a serious thing. It's often even tragic and unpleasant. And it's something that every last one of us has to face eventually. It's not a matter of "if", but rather "when" and "how". What better way to make it less frightening than to poke fun at it? If you can't make fun of the most serious and omnipresent things in life, what can you truly make fun of? Making light of such serious reality can in some ways make life more appreciable.

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Is this based on existentialism or another philosophical paradigm?


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Aren't you the same guy who made Bones' UO Comics?

Yep, sure am. Take a look at the Bones Comics History Page for information on how both of these comic strips got started. For those who don't know what we're talking about, I made a comic series for Ultima Online a number of years ago, which can be seen here: Bones UO Comics.

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What's with all the weapons?

I like weapons. I do. You should see my personal collection. :) I'm also a firm believer in 2nd Amendment rights, and you can read about my views on gun control. Besides, I never said my skeletons were nice. :)

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